The Study


Three transit programs currently operate within The Woodlands Township:

The study is considering the success of these services and potential improvements. The study is also examining:

  • Different modes of transit (such as vanpools, car pools and express bus services).
  • Pedestrian and bicycle networks accessing transit
  • Other strategies such as improved signage and notification systems for transit users.

The plan will recommend transit improvements to reduce congestion, improve air quality and incorporate multi–modal mobility solutions, while maintaining the aesthetics of the area and improving the quality of life in the region.

Study Area

H-GAC Woodlands Township Transit Plan Study Area

The study is considering transit options for The Woodlands and surrounding areas of South Montgomery County.

Vision Statement

Preserve The Woodlands’ economic competitiveness through increased mobility in the Town Center, the Villages and existing/emerging activity centers in the area, creating affordable, reliable, accessible, safe solutions. This vision is supported by the following guiding principles:

  • Builds partnerships to share costs and benefits.
  • Provides high-quality services.
  • Preserves the commuting services to Houston.
  • Supports congestion mitigation.
  • Enhances the multi-modal transportation network.
  • Results in actionable projects in the near-term and long-term.

Study Partners

3 thoughts on “The Study

  1. I would like to have at least hourly transit bus service 6 or 7 days a week along Research Forest Drive from the Westwood Village shopping center in Magnolia to the front of the Woodlands, ending at the Woodlands Mall. I live in the Whispering Pines apartment complex next to Alden Bridge Village Center and would like to be able to take the bus to the Target store in Magnolia, Woodlands High School, Bear Branch Park, Shadowbend YMCA, Cochran’s Crossing shopping center, VillaSport Athletic Club, Hughes Landing, Northshore Park, South Regional Library, Market Street, Waterway Square, Cinemark Tinseltown 17 theater, Pinecroft shopping center, and the Woodlands Mall. A connection to one of the Woodlands Express bus park & ride lots for trips to Houston would be a bonus. There are many teenagers at the Whispering Pines apartments and the Woodlands High School who could also utilize this service, along with the many senior citizens at Whispering Pines as well as The Conservatory senior apartments, also located next to Alden Bridge Village Center. As a separate request, I would like the Woodlands Express bus (Brazos Transit District) to have weekend service to Houston.

  2. Kevin, having been on the bus for over a year now I see that the most timely improvement would be to make the HOV lane accessible for the buses available right after they get on I-45 before the Hardy toll exit. Then the HOV lane needs to be for buses only. The individual drivers slow down the process of the bus traffic and makes it impossible to maintain a regular schedule. Possibly a separate lane for the individual driver.

  3. Not sure Study will be the right vehicle to solve any of our current transit issues as I see them… there is primarily one.. too many vehicles. Until we actually address this issue head-on, we will have more and more “studies” that accomplish little. May want to look into what the folks in Amsterdam NL have created in their “living together” transit system…. people and vehicles and bikes and trees and plants and mopeds and etc… Slower traffic, less congestion, less pollution, and better lives for all in my opinion. Hard, difficult, seems impossible, but I believe The Woodlands has the potential to create transit system where we all may thrive and have healthy lives.

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