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Community Engagement

To move towards a comprehensive transit strategy, we need a community-driven road map of implementable improvement strategies. To that end, community engagement and dialogue are essential. The Woodlands Township Transit Plan community engagement strategy fosters the dialogue needed to create this road map through focus group activities, online education and community outreach events.  This process supports early and continued participation with a broad range of stakeholders that live, work and play in the area.

Project Management Committee (PMC) Meetings

The Woodlands Township Transit Plan effort is guided by a Project Management Committee. This group of individuals consists of members from The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, H-GAC staff and TxDOT staff.  They meet monthly to provide input and guide the technical development of the plan.

Focus Group Meetings

The Woodlands Township Transit Plan engaged a range of stakeholders through focus group discussions. The outcomes of these meetings were twofold. First, they created an understanding of the plan and its vision and encouraged stakeholders to visit the project’s website to complete online preference surveys. Second, these meetings helped to develop an understanding of the range of stakeholder issues and potential options related to transit that informed the development of scenarios and implementation strategies for achieving the vision. During a community workshop held in January of 2014, stakeholders received an overview of the project process, vision and potential outputs and weighed in on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of potential transit service improvements. A second series of focus groups held May – June of 2014 solicited input from stakeholders about plan scenarios developed to date and specific implementation opportunities that help to achieve the vision.

Community Town Hall Presentation

To share findings with stakeholders, an informational presentation was held at The Woodlands Township Biannual Town Hall meeting on January 22, 2014. The consultant team answered questions and shared information about the project. An overview of the study, schedule, input opportunities and project website were provided and the consultant team received great feedback from the community regarding the opportunities and challenges related to transit in the study area.

Initial Preference Questionnaire

Almost 1,000 people participated in an online questionnaire conducted February 2 – March 3, 2014 about their travel patterns and preferences.

Open House, Webinar and Questionnaire

In-person and virtual online open houses in June of 2014 focused on the plan alternatives, their evaluation and identification of specific implementation opportunities. An online questionnaire conducted June 4-25, 2014 received input from 4,600 participants on their thoughts to achieve the project vision.

Project Website

The website serves as community stakeholders’ one-stop location for current project information.

14 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. I frankly can’t belive you people can ask this with a straight face. You spent 286 million tax payers dollars 8 years ago and widened I 45 for 20 miles yet you never opened it!??? Why, but for political reasons and the inability to make a decision? We have backups for miles everyday. You must have lots of oil stock. Shame on y’all.

  2. Please stop all the iron man type things through The Woodlands. These streets belong to us, not a lot of strangers who live elsewhere.

  3. Widen the bike paths and eliminate all the blind curves. It’s currently dangerous to bike on these paths. It’s like driving on a 2-lane road and not being able to see around the curves. You take a chance when passing pedestrians. Just hope and pray nobody is coming towards you when you are passing. I’ve had many near misses.

  4. I would like to see a family friendly walking system across Woodlands Parkway at Six Pines. Many families frequently walk across in the evenings, especially for concerts and it is very dangerous! We have almost been hit multiple times by drivers not paying attention trying to turn on to Woodlands Parkway. Would like to see a walking bridge or longer walking time/countdown for pedestrians. It’s a shame I live to close to The Waterway but risk my life to walk over there! Please fix this situation! Thank you!

    • I have often thought that too. A bridge would be a great. There are so many houses and apartments and assisted living facilities on the south side of Woodlands Parkway that it would be nice to give people a safer way to walk to town center.

  5. whats up with all the stop lights? can we introduce roundabouts instead of stoplights? this will allow traffic to flow much more smoothly

  6. I simply do not believe many people work in Houston and commute to The Woodlands, this seems to be a waste of time. Make sure your Woodlands Express buses are working properly (including a/c) and run on time. Consider adding additional busses to the Med Ctr from Research P&R or Sterling Ridge.
    Traffic is horrible in The Woodlands, but I do not see residents giving up cars to ride a bus or trolley, this limits your options as a resident.
    Finally, all of this promotion of The Woodlands as a destination, rather than a community has led to so many of our traffic woes – this needs to stop. Fewer big events, less advertising, and allow residents to enjoy their comminity and be able to take advantage of amenities w/o all the traffic.

  7. Why did I did not get an invite to a survey? For the longest time I lived on research forest?

    I would love to see more of those cute trolleys. Right now it just doesn’t stop as much in different places. Most people actually would not mind taking buses or trolleys as long as they are easily accessible and do not take a long time.

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