The Study

post-tfare-logoThe Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) has established a partnership with Montgomery County and the City of Conroe to update the Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan. H-GAC recognizes that there are various jurisdictions within the County, each of which has control of improvements within their own planning area. The MCTP will look at Montgomery County as a whole, rather than by individual segments or areas, that identifies the location and type of major roadway facilities that are needed to meet projected long-term growth within the study area.

What is a Thoroughfare Plan?

  • Long-range plan (50 years) that identifies the location of future roadways
  • Preserves right-of-way for transportation corridors
  • Guides future investments
  • Promotes roadway connectivity
  • Establishes county-wide roadway design criteria
  • Provides the public with information about the long term plan for the roadway network
  • Foundation for future transportation plans.

A Major Thoroughfare Plan Does Not:

  • Determine the alignment of a proposed road
  • Initiate survey, design, or any activity leading to construction
  • Mean that a roadway improvement is funded
  • Set project priorities or timeframes for when a project should be completed

Study Area


Vision Statement

The vision of the Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan is to establish guidelines and policies to develop a safe, well-connected and efficient countywide transportation system that provides adequate mobility for people, goods and services and promotes orderly growth and redevelopment throughout the county.

Guiding Principles

  • Preserve adequate rights-of-way for future expansion and connectivity.
  • Establish countywide design standards that enhance the safety and movement of all county roadway users and aid the transition from rural to urban land uses.
  • Institute policies and procedures to coordinate and optimize transportation invest­ments in the county.
  • Develop a well-connected transportation system to, from, and within local communities.
  • Collaborate with the development community to ensure that roadway investments satisfy existing and future growth needs.

Study Partners

2 thoughts on “The Study

  1. Over 40% of our county’s children live at or below the poverty line. This translates to a large number of families living at or near the poverty line. In addition, our county has large numbers of low income seniors. The vast majority of these residents need public transportation to obtain medical services, grocery shopping, obtain prescriptions, etc as has been noted in several studies (eg: MCUW Community Health Assessment, TAMU Health Assessment of MC). I’d like to see a county mobility study which represents an equitable balance between 1) public transportation services for low income residents, 2) the construction of more roads and 3) local transportation services around the Mall and local businesses … the latter 2 of which benefit those of us in the more well-to-do and vocal segment of the population.

  2. A study of transit plans should include input from all types of residents from the communities that will be impacted by what the planning community recommends. We see the traffic, hear the increased noise from more roadways, and feel what both of these do to our quality of life as well as property values.
    Residents of The Woodlands pay a premium to buy housing here. Many of us chose this community because it did not have the unzoned growth and traffic snarls of other Houston areas. The trees are a major reason why residents like this area, too.
    As more unnecessary growth is allowed in this area, overcrowded roads are the result. Can’t we just SAY NO to further growth? At some point the need for intelligent growth has been ignored.If a community is being negatively impacted by increased construction, that is the time to shut down all future projects. Just because someone wants to build a project does not mean it has to be okayed.
    Why should future growth override the quality of life of the current residents?

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