Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan

post-tfare-logoMontgomery County and the City of Conroe, together with H-GAC and TxDOT are developing Thoroughfare Plan that is needed to accommodate the future growth within the County. Thoroughfare planning is a long-range transportation planning tool that will guide the development of Montgomery County for decades to come by identifying needed roadways and preserving future roadway right-of-way.  The Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan (MCTP) will not be a list of construction projects but rather 50 year plan that intends to create a roadway network that will improve roadway capacity and connectivity.

7 thoughts on “Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan

  1. To improve traffic flow around Montgomery County:
    1. Allow traffic to turn left on a solid green light at intersections where visibility is not restricted. There are many missed opportunities to turn left when there is a break in oncoming traffic.
    2. Widen shoulders near traffic lights to create right turn lanes. Traffic turning right is almost always blocked by traffic in the right lane that is waiting to go straight ahead.
    3. Left turn arrows should be green in both directions at the same time when space allows. Most intersections only allow one direction to turn left at a time while opposing traffic has to wait to turn left. Only half as many cars can then get through a green arrow and the intersecting traffic has to wait twice as long for a green light.
    4. Lengthen the time of green arrows and solid green lights. Usually only a few cars get through a green light at a time during rush hour even when the intersecting traffic is just beginning to reaccumulate. Or use traffic sensors to determine the length of each green light cycle.
    5. Bring back school busing for all students in the Conroe school district. The traffic jams created by car lines near schools in the morning and afternoon force through traffic to drive on the wrong side of the road in some areas, student bikers and walkers are put at risk by the traffic congestion created by car lines, and the extra pollution from idling cars is bad for the environment and exacerbates childrens’ asthma. Also, some working parents have to change their work schedules if their children are not old enough to walk/bike to school on their own or the route is not safe enough (no pathways or busy intersections).

    • Also, Kuykendahl Rd and Gosling Rd between the Indian Springs and Creekside Park neighborhoods need to be widened to 4 lanes.

  2. Hallelujah! I totally agree with everything Kevin said. I live in Creekside, and it is already a nightmare to travel on Gosling or Kuykendahl during rush hour. If only the 2 counties involved, as well as the Developer ,could work together. Too much to ask?

  3. I agree with Kevin 100%. Gosling road especially is a nightmare during the a.m. rush hour. The traffic is lined up from the traffic circle on Creekside Forest, through the light at Gosling, all the way to Flintridge. That’s almost 2 miles! Wait until Highway 99 (Grand Parkway) opens next year. Gosling will be the go-to road for most people coming into The Woodlands from the south. (Kuykendahl is too far west for mall and Hughes Landing destinations. And don’t even get me started about all the development that is happening on Gosling south to FM2920.

  4. If all new roads were planned to be a bit extra wide they could accommidate both cars and bicycles. We don’t need dedicated bike lanes, but an extra wide lane would alow both bikes and cars to use the same road at the same time, not the current either/or system we have. 3 feet is all that is needed and cars can not be infringed with slowing down or not being able to pass and bikes can safely use our roads.

  5. Has anyone traveled up Honea Egypt (Fishcreek Thoroughfare) lately? Oh my goodness!!! Not one turn lane… try getting home from work.

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