The Study

H-GAC collaborated with local governments and the Texas Department of Transportation to improve the efficiency of the roadway network in South Montgomery County. While the focus of this study was on roadways, it was coordinated with the concurrent Woodlands Township Transit Plan to assure that proposed roadway improvements work well with proposed transit. Bicycle and pedestrian improvements were also evaluated.

Study Area

Roughly spanning from FM 2978 on the west to the San Jacinto River on the east, and from FM 1488 on the north to the Grand Parkway/Spring Creek on the south, the study area encompassed the cities of Oak Ridge North and Shenandoah, The Woodlands Township and parts of Montgomery County Precincts 2 and 3 as well as a portion of Harris County Precinct 4.

SMontgomeryCtyProjectMap_11x17 Vision Statement

Protect and enhance the economic competitiveness and quality of life of the growing South Montgomery County area by designing a safe, efficient, interconnected and cost-effective roadway network that recognizes the needs of all users — those traveling by autos, trucks and commercial vehicles; cyclists; and pedestrians.


  • Support continued economic development by managing congestion and improving travel reliability and safety.
  • Develop innovative approaches to manage and improve transportation facilities that maximize throughput, minimize delays and selectively increase roadway capacity on the transportation network.
  • Reflect the participating communities’ priorities on protecting quality of life and the natural environment through appropriate use of design concepts and mitigation techniques.
  • Strengthen partnerships between local governments, TxDOT, other transportation agencies and the private sector by identifying projects with significant consensus in the South Montgomery/Northern Harris County area.

Study Partners

The study is a collaborative effort of government entities interested in advancing efficient transportation in south Montgomery County:


Initiated in October 2013, the study concludes the end of 2014, so that recommended projects can be incorporated into the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, which is the blueprint for the transportation systems in eight counties within the Houston-Galveston region.

4 thoughts on “The Study

  1. What is the status on this study? Is it going to be discussed at The Woodlands Township Transit Plan Public Meeting?

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