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  1. There at least 15000 people who commute daily into downtown Houston via the park and ride. Why can’t the HOV lane be extend to the woodlands. The lane and space for a lane is all ready 90 % there! This would further reduce congestion on I 45 which only getting worst due to Exxon development. What is prohibiting that from being completed?

  2. re clark’s HOV post – I’ve been waiting 17 years already –

    You request us to fill in a survey and then make it an Easter egg hunt to find it, including links that don’t work – typical transit bureaucracy.

  3. Please time the lights along Riley Fuzzel, between Aldine Westfield and Birnham Woods Road, so that drivers don’t hit every red light – this happens whether you’re heading west or east. There are only 5 lights but because they are not timed – it takes almost 12 min to drive that short stretch.

  4. I attended the “public” meeting on 2/27/14. I thought it was a waste of time. Sure you had people there to talk to, but as far as the residents giving input on the relevant areas of congestion and suggested solutions, well there really wasn’t much other than filling out a survey. I could have done that online!

    As a business owner who hears from hundreds of customers along with talking to other business leaders in our community, I made the time so I could share my thoughts amongst the other attendees. But this was more a show and tell by the Mobility Designers rather than a public forum.

    The people who gave input to the designers of the mobility plan listened to input, but no one was taking notes and I heard plenty of good ideas from the residents of our county!

    They said the next public meeting is where they will make there suggestions and have a plan laid out to solve our congested roads. My question is, do you really want the residents opinion? If you do hold a public meeting which is a forum for those who drive this challenging traffic daily. Then you might be able to come up with a solution which works not a solution that you think might work.

      • We moved out here to Imperial Oaks in 1996 Section 5. We loved it for along time until the 5000 homes that we built west on Rayford road. Now days we cant even go east on that road because of a mile long wait and 3 red lights. Our retirement home has become a trap. Don’t understand how elected official’s could allow this to happen. Now what’s going to happen with all the Dam traffic. We hate it like everyone else .Please help. We are to old and disabled to move.

  5. What is the plan with Birnham Woods Rd? There is only one way into and out of Birnham Woods Elementary. That is scary if there was an emergency & personal couldn’t get back there. Also, Rayford, Robinson & Hanna to get on 45 is traffic nitemare. Please solve these issues before more families move back here.

    • I’m afraid Kara it already might be too late for us all back in this area. Our Public official’s were asleep at home doing nothing as usual. They sure don’t care.

  6. On the Harris County side of the Woodlands (Creekside Park) both Kuykendahl and Gosling are in need of immediate widening, especially the two bridges. The mobility study within the Woodlands needs to find a way to get cars off the road. I see no real discussions around developing a quality alternative such as a shuttle system into each of the villages of the Woodlands that would allow people the transportation alternatives versus their cars when it comes to shopping inside the Woodlands. What ever happened to the Woodlands bicycle study that was going to look at expanding bicycle transportation throughout the entire township, not just Market street to Hugh’s Landing. Not much quality “Development” (like in Development Company), alternatives are being considered or looked at when it comes to the future and present needs of the residence in the Woodlands. The commercial development gets all the focus and attention because that is what we in the industry call “Easy Development”.


  7. We we’re reading the Community News commentary showing the proposed, “transportation infrastructure east of I-45”, but saw only the proposed, “major aterial” that came nowhere near doing anything for ORN.
    We’ve been living in Oak Ridge North for many years, and have seen a tremendous amount of growth in the area. In order to accommodate the heavy traffic flow, The Woodlands and the State have done, and are doing a vast array of road construction and overpasses to resolve traffic issues west of I45.

    However, no one has done, or are they doing, anything to resolve the tremendous traffic problems that exist on the east side of I45. I mean nothing! Every single road exists today as it has for the past 20 plus years that we’ve lived here.

    Ironically, part of the problem is of the City’s own doing, like closing Paula Lane to traffic flow that otherwise has migrated to Woodson or Robinson roads, and then allowing a massive business park to build and expand on Robinson Road across Hanna, without having the infostructure in roads and improved traffic flow to go along with that development.

    Most of the problems that exist today are related to east / west traffic flow, but there are also issues with north / south traffic. These problems could all be easily resolved in 3 simple steps:

    Widen Woodson Road to 4 lanes to improve traffic flow east and west and to a lesser degree north and south.

    Build an overpass for Robinson Road over the railroad tracks and improve the road east / west traffic to 4 lanes from I45 to at least Elder Road.

    Open Paula Lane to improve east / west traffic flow to divert traffic from using Robinson and Woodson Roads.

    Improve Hanna Road north / south traffic to 4 lanes for the entire length and extend it all the way to Tamina Road.

    Steven Bleakley

  8. The presentation shows that at least half of the Village of Alden Bridge has been omitted from the study (slide number 13). I am unsure why this would be advantageous, specifically when it would be easy to start/end a bus route along SR 242 at Windvale Shopping Center.

  9. Need bus/shuttle routes to/from the park and rides through out The Woodlands. Long term, replace the Downtown buses with rail!

  10. Have reviewed the mobility plan and it looks to be geared towards having the public provide/fund roads into undeveloped area for future homes. It also cuts thru neighborhoods that do not have sufficient right of way to buffer the homes from what is described as high traffic areas. Environmental impact with many more bridges does not make much sense either. Expansion of existing large roads would be far more effective in moving people versus adding roads thru neighborhoods or roads into undeveloped areas. Just does not pass the smell test.

    • I totally agree. There is proposed road cutting through our neighborhood and there is definitely NOT sufficient right of way to buffer. This proposal needs to be revamped. I would not vote for it at all..

  11. We live in Ridgewood off of Honea Egypt Road and highly object to the proposed thoroughfare between our property and the property behind us in Cimarron Country. There is not enough room for this proposal behind our property and would greatly reduce our property values! It would only bring increased crime and vandalism into our neighborhoods. With the expansion of Honea Egypt from 1488 to Fish Creek Thoroughfare, traffic will be much better controlled.

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