2016 Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan Complete

MCTP_Adopted_ Jan_26_2016 - Final_8_30_16_34x22The 2016 Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan (MCTP) study has been completed. All of the documents and map are now available to view online.

The 2016 MCTP is a result of a partnership between the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), Montgomery County and the City of Conroe. The intent of the Plan is to provide the County with an updated planning tool that can be used to manage, guide and design a transportation network that provides better connectivity, mitigates congestion and accommodates new development and growth throughout the County.

The City of Houston has already referenced the MCTP map and is amending their 2016 Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan to complement the 2016 MCTP.

101 thoughts on “2016 Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan Complete

  1. We need to stop spending time and money on studies when we know what the problem are! This money goes to people who are middle men and they collect a percentage of what they get for a road and bridge project. Talk about wasting tax payer money. These groups were created by political lobbiest (HGAC). Just fix the problems and stop wasting money on STUDIES! We also need to think future needs when building roads, bridges and overpasses and allow for growth instead of building right on top of the roads.

    • Rayford road needs outlets for the traffic not more construction. Traffic is trying to exit. Riley fuzzle will eleviate a large portion of the traffic. 7 road expansion should do the same. Building a bridge, tearing up the newly constructed road that was finished in 2007 may not be the answer. Imagine the construction nightmare and the devaluation of values.

  2. How about making entrance to 45 NOT the same as exit to Woodlands Parkway? Most drivers entering freeway don’t know they should YIELD to freeway traffic and very dangerous.

  3. With all of the high density living beings built on already busy 2978, there needs to be expansion immediately.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have trollies pick up Pavillion concert goers at local village parking lots?

  4. We need mass transit not more roads. Texas needs to wake up to the fact that we are going to run out of oil and gasoline so how are these people that choose to live so far away from the employer going to get to work. Stop getting your counties in debt with the bonds and start investing in mass transit like buses and trains.

  5. I hope that 105 east, from Conroe to Cleveland will be widened. There have not been much done to this road since the first model “T” Ford rolled down it back when Old Spot was a pup. Maybe a red light and yes a turn lane.


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