South County Mobility Plan

South Montgomery County is experiencing high-paced growth in all areas — jobs; construction of new office, medical and retail buildings; development of new master planned communities on both sides of I-45; and the slated 2015 opening of Grand Parkway segments running from US 290 to US 59. Recognizing the impact that this hyper-activity has on the area’s roadway network, local leaders initiated a study led by the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

This comprehensive transportation study will determine existing and future transportation needs within South Montgomery County, which in turn will help local governments and policy makers prioritize transportation investments to improve access to jobs, homes and services in the area.

One thought on “South County Mobility Plan

  1. I gave up driving due to a disability, so I’m entirely dependent on others to get around The Woodlands and to work. I agree with other posts that there are several traffic bottlenecks and congestion zones needing attention, but I’d like to throw in my opinion that we should not focus 100% of the effort on individual cars.

    Walkability is important to me, so I would love to see that characteristic included in any transit plan. I am also dependent on an informal carpool to get to work in north Harris County, as there are currently no transportation service providers authorized to cross between Montgomery and north Harris County (The Woodlands Express only goes Downtown and a few points along Highway 59m and The Friendship Center offers a donation funded service for seniors and the disabled in South Montgomery County only). A service that can cross the county line would be very helpful to me.

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