Transportation Studies in Montgomery County

H-GA managed three concurrent transportation studies in Montgomery County to prepare the area to accommodate the growth that is occurring.  These studies began as a result the congestion and mobility issues arising due to the rapidly expanding employment, residential and commercial developments that are occurring in Montgomery County.

The studies include the South Montgomery County Mobility Plan, The Woodlands Township Transit Plan and the 2014 Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan.  You will find information regarding all three studies including public meeting announcements on this website.

2 thoughts on “Transportation Studies in Montgomery County

  1. Driving to/from The Falls at Imperial Oaks is difficult at many times of the day. Robinson Road, Hanna, Rayford Road all become extremely busy. Waiting to cross over the railroad tracks becomes extremely frustrating going either east or west, and there are limited options to go any direction. Aldine Westfield needs to be a full four-lane street for the entire distance from Rayford (going north) to Northridge Forest Drive. Aldine Westfield also needs to be extended going north from Northridge Forest Drive to Research Forest and on to Hwy 242. Hanna should be a four-lane street. Robinson Road should be widened and better crossing over the railroad tracks to ease traffic going east and west.

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