Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan

post-tfare-logoMontgomery County and the City of Conroe, together with H-GAC and TxDOT developed the 2016 Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan. The Plan is needed to accommodate the future growth within the County. Thoroughfare planning is a long-range transportation planning tool that will guide the development of Montgomery County for decades to come by identifying needed roadways and preserving future roadway right-of-way.  The Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan (MCTP) will not be a list of construction projects but rather 50-year plan that intends to create a roadway network that will improve roadway capacity and connectivity.

2 thoughts on “Montgomery County Thoroughfare Plan

  1. When we moved here 6 years ago we could sit on our porch and hear nothing but wildlife. Now all you hear is roaring traffic. We moved her to get away from all the Houston congestion. That is a huge selling point of The Woodlands. My husband drives into horrid traffic every day but insists that living 50 miles from his work is worth it for the quality of life we once had here in The Woodlands. Please consider the residents and build no more new roads that lead in or out of The Woodlands! Opening Research Forest to through traffic has been a nightmare. Our quality of life is going down as we can no longer have our kids ride bikes to school or walk/bike to the grocery store because of safety concerns. The traffic is too aggressive and loud already and I see that pushing Branch Crossing through north of Research Forest is now a possibility. Enough is enough. You are just inviting more cars and crime into our neighborhoods. No thank you! Woodforest is looking better every day!!!!!

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